Trick of the Light – Foeder-Fermented Still Rosé

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Trick of the Light
Foeder Fermented Still Rosé – 10.8% ABV
1 Bottle – 750 mL 

“Trick of the Light” is our latest Natural Wine! This is a Rosé from our 2022 Harvest, comprised of a blend of Traminette and Pinot Gris that were pressed directly into a wooden Foeder to co-ferment, and then blended with a skin-contact fermentation Traminette, and then THAT blend was rested for 8 days on second use Cabernet Franc Pomace before being packaged STILLLLLLL. Okay, that’s a whole mouthful, but trust us, this Wine is a blessing.

As always, sourced 100% from Organically-grown NC Grapes, hand-harvested and processed in-house. We used a VERY minimal amount of sulfites for packaging, but still remaining under to 30 ppm threshold for “Natural Wine” designation. Not a “true zero-zero” Wine, but minimal intervention and biodynamic nonetheless! No additional yeasts or sugars were added at any point, utilizing clean protocols and minimal intervention techniques throughout the process.

During our 2022 Harvest season, we pushed for more acid and funk than a traiditonal Natural Wine, and this is an excellent example of a bold, bright, lightly tart, fruity, and dry Rosé meant for crushing by a large body of water. We experience Raspberry skins, citrus-kissed Pinot Gris, subtle tannins and a refreshing dry finish with just enough acid zip to bring you back for more.

We’ve learned a whole lot since this Harvest, but found this to be the crown jewel of our 2022 foray into Natural Wine production at-scale and have eagerly awaited the upcoming rush of Summer to finally release this for y’all. This isn’t the LAST Wine from our 2022 Harvest, as we have one more special ditty coming along, but keep an eye out for 2023 Harvest releases coming soon.

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