The Hustle is Heartbreak – West Coast IPA

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The Hustle is Heartbreak
West Coast IPA – 6.3%

4PK – 16oz Cans

“The Hustle is Heartbreak” is one of our favorite IPA recipes, and it just so happens to mean one thing…EMO NIGHT IS COMING BACK, YA SAD LIL BADDIES!
We’ve been working hard to try and figure out how to differentiate the more bitter-malty-old-school WCIPA from the more fruity-bright-new-school WCIPA of the future. So we’ve reimagined the Hustle series in that more “Old School” malt-forward manner, and deemed them to be our “American IPA” series. More malty, more citrus-pith, more bitter, more resinous, more aggressive than the new-school WCIPA that exists today. We understand that it could be seen as a very minute point of contention, but the classification felt very important for us from a customer-facing front in that we want people to understand what they’re getting! Don’t worry, we’ll still keep making fruity and bright West Coast IPA, too!
Mashed with Riverbend Avalon Pale and a kiss of their Munich and Crystal Malt, alongside Proximity Malt Wheat and Dextrin Malt. Hit HARD on the hot side with Columbus and Michigan Centennial, fermented low and slow with our House Ale yeast and spunded for dat natural carb. Dry hopped only once, but rather aggressively with MORE Michigan Centennial, Citra, Mosaic, Michigan Cascade, and a slathering of Centennial Cryo.
Notes of bittersweet Mango fruit leather rolled in Blueberry skins and coated in coniferous tree sap, biting straight into an unpeeled Grapefruit, probably more than one marijuana reference, and that first righteous pint of Boneyard IPA you had…although their IPA is still VERY relevant…and in cans!
It is clear, it is malty, it is the color orange, it is bitter, it is dry, and it is dank. Hell yeah. Shred that gnar gnar. As always with the “Hustle” series, the amazing Jade Young killed the artwork!


Bringin’ the EMO NIGHT party to both taprooms!
DURHAM 02/09 6pm & ASHEVILLE 02/10 6pm

-DJ XZANEINSANEX @zanebuchholz, @djdeckades, and @dj_sellout
-The Release of Emo Nightmare GF Sour
-Swoopy Hair Photo Booth
-One time only Emo long sleeve shirts
-The Return of L.G. FUAD Jello Shots
-VIP Tour Badges
-Probably more stuff that I forgot!

Specialty Durham Exclusive Cocktail Pop-up from XZANEINSANEX on 02/09, and Anti Valentines Day Flower Arranging Class 02/10!

Then the party continues, on Sunday with the BIG GAME playing in both taprooms at 6pm😭💀🏈💀😭💀🏈💀😭💀🏈💀😭

Party on,

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