This Place is Haunted – Funky Berliner Sour

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This Place is Haunted
Funky Berliner Sour – 5% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ


The base is a 100% Riverbend Malt based Foeder-fermented Berliner Weisse that was well over a year old and wholly fermented with our House Culture. We then racked that base onto second-use NC Traminette grapes that had previously undergone 4 months of Carbonic Maceration before racking a mature, all-NC Apple, Foeder Fermented Mixed Culture Cider onto them (Galactus Eats Planets!). Once the Cider was racked off the skins, we allowed the Berliner to rest on the Second-Use Grape Pomace for over two months for maximum depth and complexity. As is our process with these Mixed Culture beverages, we bottle conditioned this for many months with our House Culture and a dose of Walker Honey Farms Wildflower Honey.

The resulting beer is a Mixed Culture (aka Traditional) Fruited Berliner. It is a super fun departure from what we have released thus far in our Mixed Culture program due to the fact that this is our first non-blended, 100% Berliner Base Beer. The last beer we released that contained this base (“Bone Apple Teeth”) was blended with a few other things, but won us the Gold Medal for Mixed Culture Beer at the NC Brewers Cup for the second year in a row. So you could say we’re hype about this one!

We experience freshly steamed Oak, an absolutely beautiful Tart-Pineapple-Sauv-Blanc profile of acidity, a hint of sweet Wheat, and a smooth balance of Sour/Funky/Fruity with a crazy clean finish.

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