Brain Oasis – DDH Hazy IPA

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Brain Oasis
DDH Hazy IPA – 7.5%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Brain Oasis” is BACK AGAIN to flood your tastebuds. Juicy, resinous, creamy, and well balanced (aka super crushable, brah).

Mashed with Riverbend Malt 2-Row and a medley of Wheat malts, and hit heavily with Michigan Chinook in then Whirlpool. Fermented with our House IPA yeast and spunded for dat natty carbo. Gently Dry-Hopped with some extra dope Michigan Chinook, then supremely and aggressively Dry-Hopped a second time with Michigan Chinook, Strata, and Cashmere. Plus, this time around we added some Citra Lupomax to make that ish pop. We really, really, really love Michigan Chinook and have been very patiently waiting to rebrew this beast with the knowledge we’ve gleaned about our processes over the last year. It’s back. It slaps.

Just waves of that classic Michigan Chinook character of Pineapples dipped in resin, followed up with notes of bottomless Clementine Mimosas, extra creamy Mango-Grapefruit frozen treats, and of course…a fat bag of sticky stuff.

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