Brain Goddess – Wet Hop IPA (Collab w/ Resident Culture)

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Brain Goddess
Wet Hop IPA – 6.66%
4PK – 16oz Cans



A few years back, we brewed up a Wet Hop IPA w/ Michigan Chinook, “Brain God” with the buds over at Resident Culture. For our version of, “Brain Goddess”, we took the base of that beer and turned it up to 11 with some extra wheat and a couple hundred pounds of super-fresh, just-harvested, whole cone Cashmere and Michigan Chinook from Hop Head Farms in the Whirlpool. This year, we turned up the body, the volume of Wet Hops, and the volume of Dry Hops. So just…more.

Mashed with Riverbend Malt 2-Row and a medley of Wheat and Flaked Wheat, then Whirlpooled on a few hundred pounds of EXTRA FRESH Wet Hops from Hop Head Farms by way of overnight delivery (Y’all rule!), and then double dry-hopped it with more Cashmere and Michigan Chinook for that exxxxxxtra sexy aroma, to compliment the super creamy body!

We’re so happy to see this return! Notes of Pineapples dipped in resin, creamy Peach gelato, whipped Mango and Strawberry smoothies, and freshy-fresh nuggy-nuggs.

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