Actually, it’s a Duck Grinder – DDH Hazy IPA (Collab w/ Hopfly & Flying Machine)

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Actually, it’s a Duck Grinder
DDH Hazy IPA – 6.66%
4PK – 16oz Cans

WHAT IN THE HECK?! A 3-WAY TRIPLE COLLAB w/ HopFly and Flying Machine?!

“It’s Actually a Duck Grinder” is our take on this nifty little project. All 3 breweries got together and agreed upon the general bones of the collab: Base Malt, Malted Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Spelt, and Dextrin Malt. Then we agreed on the hops: Amarillo, Motueka, Zappa, and Mosaic. But that’s where it gets interesting, because each brewery brewed with their own personal flair on the style, and we each brewed a different iteration. Hopfly brewed a DIPA, Flying Machine brewed a TIPA, and we brewed an IPA.

So yeah, mashed with all that stuff (we used Riverbend Pilsner for the base), hopped it very aggressively in the Whirlpool with Motueka and Mosaic Cryo, fermented it with our House IPA yeast, dry hopped it first with Motueka, and then hit it for a second dry hop with Mosaic, Zappa, Amarillo, and an extra dusting of Mosaic Cryo because…fuck yeah. Did we mention this was spunded for 100% natural carbonation? HEY, COOL BEANS!

Bowls of Grapefruit pith and Skittles drowned in Mango and Orange juice, an explosive mouthful of Grape Big League Chew and a bunch of Berry Hi-Chews at the same time, and of course some stupid sticky icky weed reference. But imagine slamming all of that into your face at the same time. BIG, BIG aroma, super duper fluffy body, and a really wide palate of flavors. And it’s all balanced by a super pleasant, piney, resinous finish. Probably our most “all of the things” balanced IPA for some time now.

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