What A Sight – Golden Mild

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What A Sight
Golden Mild – 4.5% ABV

4PK – 16oz Cans

CASK ALE RETURNS! “What a Sight” is our riff on a Golden Mild, or an English Pub Ale. Nothing too wild and crazy, just something perfectly malt-driven, hop-balanced, and crushable as all hell at 4.5% ABV.

Mashed with Proximity Malt Mild Malt and Riverbend Southern Select, with just a kiss of Oat Malt and hopped gently with Target. Fermented with our Pub Ale yeast, spunded for natural carb on Cask, then bumped up to normal-human carbonation for draft and cans.

We get a simulated experience akin to turning your brain off and just enjoying a pint with your buds. Plus we also taste wisps of orange and pear marmalade, black tea, and wisps of beautiful malty goodness. All the enjoyability and complexity you’ve come to appreciate from our Pub Ales, but we had to turn up the drinkability to 11!!


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