Ultra Vader – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

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Ultra Vader
Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – 14% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

A long time ago, in a brewery that’s not that far away… An Imperial Stout was laid to rest in 14yr Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrels for 24 months. Once it was pulled from it’s slumber, it was laid to rest on a crazy amount of Oreos and Vanilla. AND THUS, “ULTRA VADER” WAS BORN! A beautiful, oaky, full-bodied, roasty-toasty Imperial Stout coming in at a beautiful 14% ABV.

Okay, so it was actually two years ago and it was in THIS brewery, but I tried to make it sound cool… Mashed with @riverbendmalt and some extra choice Caramel and Crystal malts, boiled for many hours with a smattering of Brown Sugar, and fermented with our House Ale yeast before being laid to rest in its Bourbon Barrel vessels.
We experience a hot fudge sundae covered in Oreos, kinda like an Oreo Blizzard from the one and only Summer Treat Royalty (talkin’ ‘bout that Dairy Queen), but also if you had dropped a shot of Bourbon into there. Big, bold, chocolatey-roasty, a little heat from the booze, and a whole wave of Milk Chocolate goodness with just the right amount of Vanilla-Marshmallow kick.

Available on draft and in bottles on Saturday, May 4th in AVL and May 9th in Durham WITH SUPER SPECIAL COLLECTIBLE BOTTLE TOPPERS! Taproom only, no distro.
Also, Vince totally fucked up and had to re-dose the base beer with more Oreos than expected and couldn’t get it packaged in time for the Durham delivery. So it’ll be on/available next week in Durham! SORRRRRYYYYYYYY! The force wasn’t with him, what can we say?

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