Through the Water – Wheatwine (Collab w/ Living Waters)

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Through the Water
Wheatwine (Collab w/ Living Waters) – 9.5% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ

We whipped up a tasty pair of Partigyle collabs with the Living Waters crew a few weeks back, and we’re very excited with the results. MORE PARTIGYLE PROJECTS! YEAAAAH!

“Through The Water” is a 9.5% ABV First-runnings Wheatwine. Mashed with Riverbendm Malt 2-Row and a smattering of different Wheat malts, but turned into two separate beers. For this Wheatwine, we only collected the initial, most concentrated wort from the mash, and boiled that vigorously, while then separately collecting the final, diluted wort for the Second-runnings IPA (“Into the Flames”). Science!

What’s a Wheatwine, you ask? Well, it’s a high-gravity wort comprised of typically over 40% Wheat, fairly similar to a Barleywine…except…with Wheat. Get it? We utilized Incognito, a concentrated hop product, of the new-to-us varietal HBC472 in order to pack a fruity punch with minimal bitterness or astringency, and then fermented it cool with our House IPA yeast for maximum body. The final product is arguably too drinkable.

We are so excited with how this turned out! Big notes up front of fluffy Wheat, a touch of Clementine pith, dried Cantaloupe, and fresh biscuits. Think of a fruitier, more hop-forward Barleywine with a big Wheat body. Hell yeah. 

A majority of this beer went into barrels, so we won’t see the real results of this collab for over a year… Patience is a virtue, y’all.

If you keep drinking Partigyle (first-and-second runnings) beers, we’ll keep making them!

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