The Form of Thoughts – Wild Cider w/ Vanilla (Collab w/ Friendly Noise)

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The Form of Thoughts (Collab w/ Friendly Noise)
Foeder Fermented Wild Cider w/ Vanilla – 7% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

MANY moons ago, we teamed up with our nearest and dearest West Coast pals @friendlynoisewine in order to bring you some funky Natural Cider with a fun twist. And thus, “The Form of Thoughts” was born nearly two years ago! And it just won Bronze in the North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit-Wine Competition! SO THAT’S RAD! If you aren’t aware of them, please do yourself a favor and check ‘em out. Natural Wine, Natural Cider, and Piquette…oh, my!

We took some fresh-pressed NC Apples, and injected them straight into one of our Wooden Foeders that held the Lees from our first spontaneous Apple fermentation, along with a hefty dose of the Friendly Noise House Culture (thanks for the cans full of chummy goodness!) mailed direct to our doorstep. We let that ferment in the Foeder for nearly a year, and then racked it off onto a MASSIVE pile of freshly processed Madagascar Vanilla Beans to condition for a few weeks in an Oak Puncheon. We then packaged that Cider and bottle conditioned it with a dash of Organic Wildflower Honey from @walkerhoneyfarms. After nearly a year in bottles, we present this absolutely stellar riff on Funky Wild Natural Cider…with Vanilla.

We experience biting right into a bright and crisp Macintosh, some slices of Granny Smith in the afternoon, fresh Apple Streudel Cupcakes, spoonfuls of Vanilla frosting, and a truly beautiful zippy acidity. This is a true Summer crusher, and made with extra love alongside our pals. What a treat! Wine collabs incoming this harvest, y’all.

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