Purp Purp Lemonade – Berry Lemonade GF Sour

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Purp Purp Lemonade
Berry Lemonade GF Sour – 6%
4PK – 16oz Cans


“Purp Purp Lemonade” is one of our favorite far out Hard Seltzers thus far, and with our recent delve into Hard Teas, we thought it was high time to bring this one back for y’all, but obviously revamped and better than ever. 

Made with a totally radical blend of Blackberry, Raspberry, and Lemons…and Purple? It is here to take your taste buds by the hand and help them board a flight straight to Flavortown (no relation to Guy Fieri’s spot).

Remember those Hard Lemonade bottles in your parents’ fridge as a kid? Pretty much this is that, but with some amped up Mixed Berry character. Yep. The style description is pretty accurate. It’s a Fruity Hard Lemonade Soda-Style Hard Seltzer… What more do you need?

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