It’s Smilin’ Right At Me – Lemon Lime Lager

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It’s Smilin’ Right Me
Lemon Lime Lager – 5% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

Oh, hey. Didn’t see ya there. Why don’t you come cozy up with this Summer Crusher of a Chippy Boi™? It’s everyone’s favorite friend, the one…the only… “It’s Smilin’ Right at Me”, our Corn Lager with fresh Lemons and Limes! OH, BABY! OH, BABY!

We did modify a few things from last year, most notably dropping the final gravity for more dryness and swapping in a slightly fruitier hop. We started with a base of Riverbend Malt Pilsner, amped up with a hefty dose of their Cumberland Corn, and then layered in a judicious amount of Huell Melon throughout the boil. We saved the best for last, where we hand-zested and juiced hundreds of pounds of Lemons and Limes, and threw gallons and gallons of their juice into the Whirlpool, along with a dizzying amount of fresh peels. As always, this Lager was fermented low and slow with our House Lager yeast, spunded for 100% natural carbonation, and allowed to Lager in our Horizontal Tanks for many moons.

It’s like that first burst of citrus oils and zest when you dig your thumbnail in, a pile of corn chips on top of cracker-y white bread drizzled in Lime juice, alcoholic Sprite, and a hint of dry Honeydew rind. It’s got all the minerality and crispness you’ve come to expect, but good lawd is this just oh-so-refreshing. It’ll bring a smile to your face as it smiles right back. And not in a weird way. Well, maybe a little creepy.

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