Heartbeat Haunts Me – Breakfast Porter (Collab w/ Burial)

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Heartbeat Haunts Me
Breakfast Porter – 6%
4PK – 16oz Cans

For the second of our collabs with the formidable Burial Beer crew, we wanted to focus on our favorite thing that kept us all sane during the shutdown: BREAKFAST! And what better way to emulate the morning ritual of Coffee and contemplation than with a Porter…ON CASK?!?!

“Heartbeat Haunts Me” is a Breakfast Porter w/ Maple, Sea Salt, Cacao Nibs, and coffee from our loveliest pals Cooperative Coffee. Mashed with Riverbend Southern Select, Oat Malt, and their new Spelt Malt (OHMYGOD!) and a medley of Proximity Malt Specialty and Roasted malts. Hopped gently, but firmly, with English Target hops and fermented with our House Pub Ale yeast. Spunded for dat natty low-cask-carb, before being conditioned on heaping portions of Maple, Maple-smoked Maine Sea Salt, fresh-roasted Cacao Nibs from Frenchbroad Chocolates, and some EXTRA choice Naturally Process coffee from the local powerhouse @cooperativecoffee, then force carbonated to normal human levels for distribution.

We experience sticky-drippy fudge, toasted brown bread with a spot of molasses, lovely dark chocolate squares with a spot of Breakfast Tea, a firm and balanced bitterness with a big ol’ body, and high-fiving your friends while slamming a couple pints. It is warm, it is not very carbonated, it is very full-bodied, and it is amazing.

Cask in-house, normal human draft in the market. Stay spooky, y’all.

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