Fury of the Forsaken – Beaujolais-Style Montepulciano Nouveau

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Fury of the Forsaken
Beaujolais-Style Montepulciano Nouveau – 12.2% ABV
1 Bottle – 750 mL 

We’ve been making Natural Wine for some time now, and Beaujolais Day (aka everyone’s favorite ultra-niche Wine holiday) is meant to celebrate all things Nouveau, which denotes light and expressive Wine that’s released as close to Harvest as possible. AND SO, now that harvest is completed, we bring you “Fury of the Forsaken” is our 2023 Beaujolais-Style Montepulciano Nouveau. 

Yep, it’s a mouthful, but the Wine itself is super bright, soft, and a beautiful example of the style that we’re quite proud of, and that we feel provides a great interpretation of what NC terroir can bring to the Wine scene. We took a half-ton of freshly-harvested whole Montepulciano grape clusters and put them into a purged stainless-steel tank to undergo a lengthy Carbonic Maceration for 2 Weeks. We then crushed and destemmed the clusters and allowed this to ferment on the skins for 2 more weeks before allowing it to mellow naturally prior to packaging, but never adding any additional yeast or sugar at any point. Minimal intervention practices all the way, baby! Bottled still for maximum appreciation and crushability.

We experience deep and dark tannins, spoonfuls of Strawberry jam, a hint of under-ripe Plum and Pear, subtle Peach Pit in the mid-palate, and an impressively bright and clean body with a light finish. We’re really excited to show off some of the hyper complex characteristics of Montepulciano that you typically don’t get in commercial offerings. Our team absolutely kicked ass and nearly tripled Wine production this year, while also producing significantly more clean and nuanced Wines across the board. We’re so so so jazzed to start releasing the ‘23 Harvest for y’all!

As always with our Natural Wine, all of our Grapes are sourced 100% Organic and 100% NC-Grown, thanks to our friends and ultimate sweethearts Pleb Winery, Piccione Vineyards, and the vine-whisperer himself: @gabdooder. We couldn’t be more grateful for their help, guidance, support, and belief in growing our weird little Winery vision.

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