Take Me Higher – 40 Month Double Barrel Aged Brown Sugar Barleywine

$26.00 USD

Take Me Higher
40mo Double Barrel Aged Brown Sugar Barleywine – 12.5% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

We went high, then we went high again, but now…hold on to your fedoras for a new age of Barleywine Bliss! We are reaching through the clouds with our most extensively barrel-aged beer to date, with a combined 40 months in wood. Behold, “Take Me Higher” DOUBLE BARREL AGED BROWN SUGAR BARLEYWINE. A legendary journey with our comrades at @corporateladderbrewing has brought us here! Together, we birthed a masterpiece, just like @officialcreedpage with the 1999 hit song of the same title.

We summoned a symphony of @riverbendmalt malts, including the mystical Munich Oats, and let our House Pub yeast lead the way. Brown Sugar swirled in the boil, infusing every drop with its essence. We entrusted our child to the housing of 8-year Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrels, where it matured for 20 months. Then BOOM, we took that bad lil’ ditty and doubled down in some Apple Brandy Barrels for another 20 months. Yah, that’s 40 months! I checked the math myself!

Huge tidal waves of full and luscious Malt complexity, Oaky Vanilla tannins, mounds of fresh biscuits stuffed with Brown Sugar and drizzled with Honey, and Apple Brandy soaked Plums. Hot damn. That’s a tasting note. Yep. Just in time to celebrate “TAKE ME HIGHER, Nothing Butt Rock NIght”!

Prepare for an unforgettable evening on March 2nd at 8pm. Brimming with ultimate jams that’ll have you rocking out all night long. But that’s not all – we’re bringing the party to the next level with late-night karaoke, so you can take the stage and sing out your favorite butt rock anthems!


Available on Weds 2/28, exclusively in our TAPROOM! BARLEYWINE IS LIFE! 🤘🍻

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