Doomed in the Juicy – DDH Hazy IPA (Collab w/ Incendiary)

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Domed in the Juicy
DDH Hazy IPA (Collab w/ Incendiary) – 7.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans


We are delighted to introduce you to “Doomed in the Juicy”, our newest DDH Phantasm IPA! Turns out Incendiary Brewing wanted to see more naked baby clones of Vince. I guess it’s our fault for asking if anyone wanted that last time, huh?
With the Phantasm Cup coming up, we decided to re-think our Phantasm IPA and get back at it. Phantasm invited any brewery willing to participate, to brew a beer with Phantasm somewhere in the process and then compete. Winner takes all. And by all, I mean a trip to New Zealand. So cross your fingers for us, huh? We also doubled our odds and brewed a Phantasm beer with the Incendiary Brewing homies at their spot. So go drink that one, too!

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and a medley of protein malts, hopped with Crystal and YCH-303 (a special blend of Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe Cryo pellets, but dosed with Phantasm – a fun and fruity product based out of NZ and derived from White Grape skins that helps to boost thiol production! SUPER FROOTY TOOTY!) in the Whirlpool, and fermented with our IPA yeast. Spunded for dat natty carb-o, then dry-hopped with more Crystal and YCH-303. THEN it got the real treats: a big ol’ DDH of Pacific Sunrise, Ella, and Mosaic, and the trusty “Born” treatment of Citra (in Cryo form!) and Mosaic. Me-oh-my does this lil’ Cherub scream bloody murder, but like, with flavor.

We experience a symphony of devilishly fruity-tooty vibes akin to a mouthful of Papaya fruit leather while funneling Pineapple juice, using your demonic wings to float through a thunderstorm of White Wine and miscellaneous Citrus Peels, maybe some sort of demonic white gummy bears drizzled in Mango jelly, and of course the signature “Born in the Juicy” base IPA character: beautifully plump and super approachable with a firm bitterness to back it up. This is a VERY fun continuation of our exploration into Phantasm, and it certainly won’t be the last! Don’t leave this one on read, y’all. Get it!

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