Invitation to Love – ESB

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Invitation to Love
ESB – 4.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“OH! Hello, there. You’re looking lovely today. Won’t you accept our invitation?”

“Invitation to Love” is the next release in our series based around exploring ESB, one of our favorite styles! This time, we wanted to dedicate this lovely little ditty to one of our own lovely humans who happens to be getting married next week!

From the entire DSSOLVR family: we would like to invite you to wish some love and congratulations to Zack Mason and Katie Jordan with us! Just look at these two cuties!

Mashed with @riverbend Southern Select and Munich Light, along with a touch of @proximitymalt Crystal malt. Hopped VERY aggressively (but also lovingly!) with some soft UK Fuggles and then fermented with our House Pub Ale yeast before being spunded for the cask-level carbonation. We bumped it up to normal-human-style carbonation for cans and draft, don’t you worry.

We experience Hobnob biscuits, lightly toasted white bread drizzled in Honey, being in roughly the same general vicinity as some warm Caramel, and romance in the air on a crisp Fall eve. Fuckin get after it, y’all. Let it sweep you off your feet! Say yes to the invitation! LOVE IT!

Available on Cask NOW in the taproom! And available next Weds 11/16 in cans and on normal-human-style draft in light distro.


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