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We’ll Be Right Back – HAZY IPA W/ COMET, BELMA, MERIDIAN, & STRATA – 7.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“We’ll Be Right Back” is next up in our series of IPA’s designed by our production staff! We asked them to take a stab at retooling the base DDH Juicy IPA recipe for us, since we’re always tweaking it and searching for improvements. As with the latest IPAs, the production staff are the ones who are most closely following the beers from start to finish, so we wanted to let their minds wander with some combinations based on their personal experiences with the hops.

Mashed with @riverbendmalt 2-Row and a heftier-than-normal amount of @proximitymalt Wheat Malt and Oat Malt, along with a kiss of Flaked Wheat and Flaked Oats. Hopped in the Whirlpool with Comet for a classic Orange Julius note, fermented with our House IPA yeast and spunded for dat natty carb. Dry hopped at first with Belma for a bit of a Strawberry undertone on top of the citrus, and then dry hopped a second time with more Comet and Belma, along with Meridian and Strata to collectively push a much more berry-meets-citrus vibe than what we’re used to.

We experience the aforementioned things: mixed berries with a Tangerine Zest dusting, one of those gelato whips where two flavors are swirled together and this one is Strawberry and Orange and then somebody went and plopped some Peaches up on that bishhh, probably some Grape Hi-Chew whispers, and a teeny tiny bit of dankness on the finish. Very familiar, but uniquely bright for us! It ticks all the boxes we always look for while also bringing some fresh air back into our house base IPA!

We’re loving how well these new IPAs are coming together and are extremely excited to present the third in a series of beers designed by our production crew! So if ya see em, raise a glass and give ‘em a toast cuz they’re what makes this place run! Next up: a riff on one of our clear IPA bases that riffs on a style long-since-overlooked!

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