Devilish and Fancy – Fruited Gose

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Devilish and Fancy
Fruited Gose – 5.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans

IT’S BACK, Y’ALL! We brought back one of our classic Summer Slammers, and it’s a tasty little demon. “Devilish and Fancy” is a Gose with Sea Salt, Coriander, Guava, Raspberry, and Mango. AVAILABLE NOW!

We’ve changed quite a few things in our process since we last brewed this beer, and honestly, we feel that we have yet again achieved more fruit character and overall balance than last time!

Pretty much a Capri-Sun that someone melted a box of fruit-roll-ups into. Massive Raspberry and Strawberry character up front, followed by a tidal wave of Guava candies, a spritzing of dried Mango slices, and a really cool salty-citrus balance at the end from heavier doses of Sea Salt and Coriander. So good, it’ll make you wanna summon your inner party-demon ONCE AGAIN. But, like, still the fun one.


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