Plumberry Buddies And Coffee – Fruited Gose w/ Coffee

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Plumberry Buddies And Coffee
Fruited Gose w/ Coffee – 5%
4PK – 16oz Cans

We brought back an oldie, but with a twist! “Plumberry Buddies with Coffee” is a riff on one of our first Fruited Goses, “Plumberry Buddies’, but…with…coffee…?

We took the same base recipe as the original, but ramped a few things up. Starting with a grist of Riverbend 2-Row, Wheat, Flaked Oats, and a touch of Dextrin malt, we then kettle-soured it overnight, boiled it and added a bunch of Sea Salt and Coriander, and then fermented it low and slow with our House IPA yeast. We then conditioned it on an increased volume of Plum, Blackberry, and Blueberry from the first batch before injecting it with a satisfying dose of some extra fruity, naturally processed Gachatha grown in Nyeri, Kenya and roasted by our sweet buds Cooperative Coffee.

Very similar to the first batch, but with a wildly unique finish! Jumping right out of the glass with notes of ultra-ripe, perfectly tart Plums. Drippin’ with plump Plum character! Followed up with waves of Blueberry soda, just a kiss of Blackberry jam, and our easy-going salty-citrus balance at the end from the Sea Salt and Coriander, wrapped up in a beautiful and cozy blanket of fruity-tooty Coffee. We’ll be making some more Fruited Sour beers with Coffee, so we hope you’re into this first foray into the fray.

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