Pain into Power – Barrel Aged Wheatwine (Collab w/ Living Waters)

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Pain into Power
Barrel Aged Wheatwine – 12.5% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

“PAIN INTO POWER” IS HERE FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT, YA HEATHENS! A Wheatwine aged for 28 months in some extra choice Apple Brandy barrels. No adjuncts. No gods. Just pure bliss.
Well over two years ago, we hosted the Living Waters crew to brew up a fun Partigyle brew that turned into a Wheatwine and a Hazy IPA. We took the majority of that Wheatwine and threw it into barrels and the first portion of that LONG slumber is ready for its debut!

***Comprised of >40% Wheat, a Wheatwine is essentially a softened Barleywine.***

When we pulled the nails on this beast, we knew it needed nothing but some light carbonation.

This puppy hits you with waves of Sun-kissed Leather-y goodness washing over a bed of Vanilla-laden Oaky tannins while a luxurious blanket of Apple Brandy smoothness envelopes the mid-palate, followed by a big wall of sweet Wheat, Tootsie Pops, and Fig Newtons with a baby-bottom smooth finish. GOOD LAWD, THIS SLAPS!

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