Murder House – DDH Hazy IPA (Collab w/ XUL)

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Murder House
DDH Hazy IPA (Collab w/ XUL) – 7.4% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans


“Murder House” is returning! Our collab IPA with the homies XUL Beer turned out so well, we had to bring it back. Plus, we wanted to celebrate their festival Kill The Lights Fest in October, so get ready to see some of this in TN!

We took a mixed approach to this beer and blended bits from both of our IPA approaches to explore some new-to-us hops, and it turned into what we feel is a really stellar release. Honestly, this is very good.

Mashed with @Riverbendmalt Pilsner and a complex bevvy of Oat and Wheat malts. Hit very hard in the Whirlpool with Citra, then fermented with our House IPA yeast before being dry-hopped with Talus and HBC-536. It was then spunded for dat natty carb before being dry-hopped a second time with MORE Talus and HBC-536, along with Citra Lupomax for good measure.

We experience bright and fresh Mango Papaya juice, candied Grapefruit skins dipped in live resin, a bit of sticky tree sap, a handful of sweet and tropical candies, and a whisper of spoOoOoOky ghosts! Super fruity with a fun dankness that doesn’t linger. Hell yeah, these spirits ain’t gon’ get me with this sudsy juice! No way!

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