It’s Super Chill on Carolina Lane – BBA Imperial Baltic Porter

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It’s Super Chill on Carolina Lane
BBA Imperial Baltic Porter – 12% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

Over a year ago, we hosted our buds from 8th State Brewing to whip up a gnarly Imperial Baltic Porter with Muscovado Sugar. We started with a complex blend of caramel, specialty, and base malts, hopped it with Sterling and Saaz, and dosed it with an intense amount of Muscovado sugar. We then fermented it low and slow with our House Lager strain, cold-conditioned it, and released it to the world. Now, for the exciting news: we also happened to stash some of the base beer away in two very fresh Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels, where it rested for 14 months.

After sampling the barrels, we decided it was ready to release. Turns out, after 14 months of sitting in barrels and thinking about what it had done, this beer was actually very chill for starting off as a Little Problem. So we bring you “It’s Super Chill on Carolina Lane”, a 12% ABV 14-month Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Baltic Porter with Muscovado Sugar….Say that 5 times fast.

HUGE wafts of freshly-steamed Oak drizzled in warm fudge leap from the glass, followed by a very smooth Bourbon character, mixed with a pleasant, balanced, and subdued amount of Leather and Tobacco. The Muscovado’s Molasses-like, almost-Maple sweetness stuck around, leaving a sticky, drippy, Chocolate Toffee Brownie finish that lingers for just the right length of time. Deceptively smooth, not overly sweet, and incredibly complex. This needed no adjuncts. It’s just perfect in our eyes.


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