Here to Restore – American Pilsner

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Here to Restore
American Pilsner – 4.6% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

We decided to start doing things a little differently in 2021, so we’ll start revisiting and riffing on older brands we’ve released a little more often than we have before.

To kick off this new path, we’re pleased to bring you “Here to Restore”, the next iteration in our ‘American Pilsner’ series, where we focus on a single American hop varietal used at a punishing hopping rate. You may remember “Here to Destroy”, the sibling to this wonderful little ditty. We kept the grain bill, water profile, and fermentation profile the exact same, but switched up the hops to focus solely on a crushing amount of Mt. Hood.

Notes of Dandelion Tea, fresh sap directly from the tree, generic pre-sliced white bread, classic earthy-Pilsner tones, and a dry and crispy finish with a refreshing and pronounced minerality. It’s a Pilsner, dude. You know what to look for, and it’s “Here to Restore”.

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