Here to Destroy – American Pilsner

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Here to Destroy
American Pilsner – 5.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans

We’re bringing back a CLASSSSIC brew for y’all this week!

“Here to Destroy” is our most beloved American Pilsner. We made a few more tweaks from last time to make it a TRUE Chippy Boi™, and let’s just say…yes. Riverbend Malt Cumberland Pilsner for the base, pummeled with Willamette in the Kettle and Whirlpool, fermented low and slow, spunded for natural carbonation and Lagered for many moons in a Horizontal Tank. You know the deal.

We synthesize experiences of dry Chardonnay, enjoying fresh Baguettes on Max Patch on a windy day with a floral breeze sensually blowing the hair of a VERY attractive human who you’re crushin’ on, classical earthy-Pilsner tones, and a perfectly dry and crispy finish with a pronounced minerality. 

It’s a Pilsner, dude. You know what to look for and it is Here to Destroy.

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