Computers Are Everything – DDH IPA

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Computers Are Everything
Double Dry-Hopped IPA – 7.6%
4PK – 16oz Cans

🖥️*insert dial-up internet sounds here*🖥️
We’ve been making some tweaks in our IPA process slowly, but we wanted to throw together a new IPA that allowed us to showcase these changes on top of a lighter body, in the hopes of achieving a better balance. We found it with “Computers Can Do That?”, and we wanted to repeat that process with a new hop and see if the results compute, and thus, “Computers Are Everything” was born!

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row, Proximity Mid-Atlantic Wheat and Dextrin, and some Flaked Wheat for good measure. Hopped in the whirlpool with Citra, fermented with our House IPA yeast, dry-hopped with Mosaic, and then dry-hopped yet again with MORE Mosaic, and a slathering of Citra Lupomax, but this time we used Michigan Copper as the supporting hop (instead of Belma like last time!).

We experience Mango sorbet drizzled with Lemon preserves, one cup of well-timed thirst-quenching Hawaiian Punch, a whole mouthful of mixed berries, and a pronounced “sticky-icky” dankness to tie it all together. We’re stoked on this one, ferrrrr sure. Slightly different, but elevated! Computers, amiright?!

Fun fact: This base will continue to be used as a platform for what varying single hops can provide to a blend. This Michigan Copper is equally fruity and dank, and we can’t wait for the next one! Learning is fun!

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