Botanicas Animas – Wild Foeder Cider

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Botanicas Animas
Wild Foeder Cider- 8.6% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ

A few years ago (there was a time before COVID?), we went out to Botanist and Barrel with Hazelwood Beer and collectively crafted one hell of a barrel-aged Cider, “Botanical Animal”.

Then, a little over a year ago, we hosted those two lovely beverage makers in our own space for Round 2 of the collab! This time around, we started with a blend of Pink Lady and Goldrush Apples that were grown, harvested, and pressed in NC. We racked the juice into a fresh Foeder from Foeder Crafters and pitched a very tiny amount of our House Mixed Culture to help expedite the fermentation from the naturally occurring yeast already in suspension. We then added some locally foraged Japanese Dogwood and Paw Paw fruit, and allowed the Cider to ferment to full dryness and mature for well over a year.

We then racked this Basque-esque Cider into one of our re-purposed Puncheon-Fermenters, dosed it with Wildflower Honey from Walker Honey Farm and a touch more of our House Mixed Culture, bottled it up, and allowed it to condition for a couple-a moons. We achieved our goal of Basque-esque light carbonation, and we’re ready to share this lil’ ditty.

This puppy just hits different off the rip with a whimsical blend of funk and acid on the nose, beautifully sour and sweet at the same time. Notes of that first taste of dried Apple Chips at early Fall farmer’s markets, just a wisp of Banana Runts, biting straight into a ripe Mango, freshly steamed Oaky vanillin tannic beauty, just a dollop of fresh Key Lime / Lemon Meringue pie, all wrapped up in heavily pollinated open fields. Dudes…hell yeah. Get it.

PS: Some of this Cider base will show up in our next few Wood Program releases, and we’re so goddamn jazzed to peel this curtain back!

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