Bonus Skull – American Pale Ale

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Bonus Skull
American Pale Ale – 4.6%
4PK – 16oz Cans

B-B-B-B-BONUS!!!! What is this, a CLASSIC American Pale Ale?! Uh…yes.

“Bonus Skull” is the first in a series of more approachable Pale Ales that remind us of the yesteryears of our favorite hoppy beverages. We’ll rotate through a very small number of iterations while we lock in on a few key aspects of what we want this to represent within our portfolio. So come on, crack that can and take this journey with us!

Mashed with a simplistic grist of 100% Riverbend Malt 2-Row with a dash of their Munich and Chit for some depth (but not too much!). Hopped solely and singularly with Oregon-grown Centennial on the hot side, as well as a light dry-hopping. Fermented low and slow with our Pub Ale yeast for maximum clarity, and spunded for natural carb.

We experience subtle Orange Marmalade on crackers, a bit of some Citrus Leather, Pez Candies floating in a glass of Orange Juice, and some subtle faint wisps of sticky-sappy bitterness that tie it all together.

JUST enough malt character and bitterness to keep it together, and JUST enough hop character to keep you coming back for more. Well balanced, through and through. Plus, it’s clear. So that’s kinda cool, right?

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