AVL.jpg – 16mo BBA Imperial Stout

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16mo BBA Imperial Stout – 10.8% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

“AVL.JPG” is an 18 month Bourbon Barrel Aged Salted Maple Coconut Mocha Imperial Stout. And if you think that’s a mouthful, wait till you try the beer!

18 long months ago, we laid down a batch of Imperial Stout in freshly dumped Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels. After that long slumber, we tasted through the barrels and immediately had an overwhelming vision of this beer in its final form.

We conditioned this on a very astronomical bounty of Macaroon Coconut, a tasteful blend of Sea Salts, a whole mess of Maple, and more coffee by volume than we’ve used in any beer before. 10#/bbl of Cooperative Coffee, to be exact!

We experience beautiful squares of homemade Fudge, Coconut Bon Bons drizzled in Maple syrup, a beautiful kiss of Vanillin from the barrel, the faintest kiss of salinity that serves to elevate the whole palate, and all of that is just absolutely smothered in a warm blanket of Bourbon. Dangerously drinkable for 10.8% ABV, and the perfect treat for this cold weather!

Don’t worry, we’ve got a few more barrel-aged treats before the year is over!

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