A Bit of Clairvoyance – Dark English Mild

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Four  Feet to Hell
German Pilsner – 5.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans

To celebrate our upcoming Hot Dog Eating Contest, so we dedicated a new, beautiful, and triumphant German Light Pilsner, “Four Feet to Hell.” Come grab a 4pk now and prep your gullet for the slobber-knocker main event on National Hot Dog Day, Wednesday 7/21.

Mashed with Riverbend Malt Extra Pale Pilsner for that super delicate body, then hit aggressively with German Tettnanger hops throughout the boil and Whirlpool. Fermented low and slow with our House Lager Yeast, spunded for dat natural carbonation, and Lagered for many moons in our Horizontal Tanks.

This German Pils is best paired with Four Foot Long Hot Dogs made by Chop Shop and grilled to perfection by Hot Dog Tuesday. Subtle notes of a Pursuit of Glory and Bone Crushing defeat of your competitors.

Sign up now as we will only have room for 20 Brave Challengers. Can you?! Will you go the distance to FOUR FEET to HELL?!!! Our First Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest will have you eating Four Foot-Long Dogs and One Kölsch to be this year’s one and only FOUR FEET to HELL CHAMPION.

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