Too Metal 2 Die – Table Baltic Porter

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Too Metal 2 Die
Table Baltic Porter- 3.6% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

We teamed up with the wonderful homies Salud Cerveceria to bring you a super fun riff on a Stout. We’d like to introduce you to “Too Metal To Die”, a tiny lil’ 3.6% ABV Table Oatmeal Baltic Porter that still manages to have the complexity and depth of an Imperial Baltic Porter, but with significantly more drinkability and significantly less alcohol.
Comprised of a base of Riverbend Malt Southern Select, malted and flaked Oats, and a medley of Specialty malts. Lightly hopped with Mt. Hood, fermented cool with our House Lager strain, sounded for 100% natural carbonation, and cold-conditioned in a Horizontal Lager Tank for a coupla’ moons.
Notes of graham crackers, emptying one of those tiny boxes of raisins right into your mouth, a spoonful of chocolate syrup, and a fresh biscuit directly out of the oven – all wrapped up with an insane level of drinkability. This washes over your palate with incredible ease, truly making it easy to skull a whole 4-pk. Get some.

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