The Hustle is Dead – West Coast IPA (Collab w/ Widowmaker Brewing)

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The Hustle is Dead
West Coast IPA – 6.3%

4PK – 16oz Cans

“The Hustle is Dead” was our first-ever real-life grown-up WCIPA and has long since been one of our favorite West Coast IPAs, and it’s BaAaAaAaACK!!!! AND BETTER THAN EVER! Once again, we teamed up with the fabulous Widowmaker Brewing to make it pop super hard.

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and Munich, and Proximity Malt Wheat and Dextrin Malt. Hit HARD on the hot side with Columbus and Amarillo, fermented low and slow and spunded for dat natural carb. Dry hopped only once, but rather aggressively with Michigan Centennial, Simcoe, and a fat dab of Centennial Cryo.

Notes of candied Cara Cara Orange peels, maybe some Grape Hi-Chews, sticky Mango chunks coated in resinous tree sap, the dankness in a parking lot before a Sleep concert, and that first righteous pint of Arrogant Bastard you had from way back when.

We definitely moved the needle in terms of finding a balance between Old School and New School, and we wanted to apply our new methodology in WCIPA production to one of the first recipes we brewed. It is clear, it is malty, it is yellow, it is bitter, it is dry, and it is dank. Hell yeah. Shred that gnar gnar.

S/o to Jade for the amazing artwork!

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