See Us In the Mountains – Blue Raspberry Candy Hard Seltzer (Collab w/ Woven Water)

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See us in the Mountains
Blue Raspberry Candy Hard Seltzer – 4%
4PK – 16oz Cans

When we made the last Blue Raspberry Hard Seltzer, we just so happened to release it at the same time as the wild and whacky (and lovely!) folks at Woven Water Brewing. We struck up a friendly chat via the internets, swapped some cans, and decided we should combine forces on yet another Blue Raspberry Hard Seltzer.

“See Us in the Mountains” is a 4% ABV Blue Raspberry Candy Hard Seltzer. It’s not sour this time, but it is blue! We took techniques from both breweries, dropped the ABV to increase crushability, and we genuinely think this is better than our first batch.

Fermented with just an unbelievable amount of Blue Raspberry candy, and one giant Blue Raspberry Gummy Bear. It really was a 5 pound huge Gummy Bear! Why, though?

We experience some melted Blue Raspberry Slushee while it’s still got some carbonation bite to it, Blue Raspberry Dum Dums, and biting into a gigantic Blue Raspberry Gummy Bear. Dangerously drinkable, and a bit more approachable than our last Blue Raspberry Seltzer, Plus, at 4% ABV and a touch more dry than last time, you’ll just about say “Oh, hey…this is…cooler than before? Is this cooler? All I know is that I definitely need more.”

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