Welcome to Pyramid Country – West Coast Style IPA

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Welcome to Pyramid Country
West Coast Style IPA  w/MI CHINOOK, CITRA 702, IDAHO 7, IDAHO 7 CRYO- 7.1%
4PK – 16oz Cans

You may have missed it, but we’re trying to differentiate our more malt-driven and bitter IPA from our more clear-and-fruity IPAs, both of which fall into “West Coast” territory. So for the more malt-forward and bitter, we’ve designated those as the Hustle series and deemed them “American IPA”. For our West Coast IPA, such as this one, we have started moving to strip back the malt, focusing on a lighter Pilsner base, and pushing more fruity hops with a slightly lower bitterness. WE HOPE YA DIG THIS LIL RIFF, Y’ALLLLLLLLL!

Mashed with a very simple base of Riverbend Malt Chesapeake Pilsner and a touch of Proximity Malt Dextrin. Hopped quite aggressively throughout the Boil and Whirlpool with Michigan Chinook before being hot-dipped in the fermenter with Citra 702 for extra fruity-tooty-ness. Fermented low and slow with our trusted West Coast yeast before being spunded for 100% natural carbonation. It was dry-hopped one time, and quite abundantly, with Idaho 7 and Idaho 7 Cryo for maximum raditude.

We experience riffed out bliss, fresh Grapefruit pith, resinous Pineapple wedges, fat spliffs on the seaside, somebody noodling on a guitar for arguably the perfect amount of time, and a big fat bag of Mike and Ikes washed down with a glass of Purple drink in one of those plastic grenade-style jugs we had as kids. Clean, crisp, refreshing, fruity, and just bitter enough to keep you going back for more.

Limit Six Four Packs Per Person

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