Welcome to Pyramid Country – West Coast Style IPA

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Welcome to Pyramid Country
West Coast Style IPA  w/MI CHINOOK, CITRA 702, IDAHO 7, IDAHO 7 CRYO- 6.3%
4PK – 16oz Cans

“WELCOME TO PYRAMID COUNTRY ” has returned! Much like the pyramids of Giza, NO ONE KNOWS how this beer was created! My money is on aliens. Okay, maybe some people know how it was made. NASA?! Indiana Jones?! Anubis?!?! DARE I SAY the DSSOLVR BREW TEAM????

This West Coast IPA is crafted with a simple base of @riverbendmalt Chesapeake Pilsner and a touch of @proximity.malt Dextrin. We went heavy on the hops throughout the Boil and Whirlpool with Michigan Chinook, then amped up the fruity-tooty vibes by hot-dipping it in the fermenter with Citra 702. Fermented low and slow with our trusted West Coast yeast and naturally carbonated. It’s dry-hopped generously with Idaho 7 and Idaho 7 Cryo for maximum raditude.

Expect riffed-out bliss, fresh Grapefruit pith, resinous Pineapple wedges, seaside spliffs, someone noodling on a guitar just right, and a big fat bag of Mike and Ikes washed down with a glass of Purple drink in those nostalgic plastic grenade-style jugs. Clean, crisp, refreshing, fruity, and just bitter enough to keep you coming back for more.
We’re distinguishing our more malt-driven and bitter IPAs as the Hustle series, labeled “American IPA.” For our West Coast IPA, like this one, we’re focusing on a lighter Pilsner base with fruity hops and slightly lower bitterness. HOPE YA DIG THIS LIL RIFF, Y’ALLLLLLLLL!

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