THICC FOR LIFE – Imperial Stout w/ Stroopwafle

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Imperial Stout w/ Stroopwafle – 10% ABV
1 Bottle – 1.9 FL OZ

“Thicc for Life” is a long-boil, dense, THICK Imperial Stout brewed with a serious melange of 2-row, crystal, and specialty malts. It was then conditioned on a pound per gallon of Stroopwafels for many moons. Yes, we do agree…that is a lot of goddamn Stroopwafel. But good news: it’s 2020 and there are no rules…ONLY STROOPWAFEL.
Notes of brown sugar, fresh-baked brownies, roasted cinnamon sticks, brown-butter waffles drizzled in honey, and of course…this Bad Mama Jama tastes like Stroopwafels. And it is 10% ABV, so this will knock those socks clean off.
We haven’t ever released this base Imperial Stout, we’ve never released an adjuncted version, and this base is mostly what occupies our Bourbon Barrel wall in the taproom. This is a very special treat for us, and we hope you enjoy this preview of our Imperial Stout program as much as we do!

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