Open the Portal – Coffee Pils Lager

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Open the Portal
Coffee Pils LagerI – 4.9% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

“Open the Portal” is a 4.9% ABV Pilsner that started with a base of 100% Rverbend Malt Pilsner, and a punishing amount of German Tettnang in the boil and whirlpool. Fermented cold and clean with our preferred House Lager yeast, spunded for 100% natural carbonation, and then laid down to rest in our Horizontal Lager tanks for over 2 months for maximum crispness.

We loved this base beer, but we love coffee even more, and we love Cooperative Coffee Roasters EVEN MORE THAN THAT! We’ve known Matt for years, and we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect opportunity to pair his coffee with our beer. We did an intensive cupping session catered around our personal preferences, and settled on a naturally processed Ethiopian bean, Benti Nenka, that Matt just absolutely knocked out of the park. 

We blended in a house-processed cold brew concentrate until we achieved the perfect balance, and we couldn’t be more jazzed about it. Notes of classic dry-cracker Pilsner malt character, chocolate-covered clementine wedges, herbal tea tannins, scones dipped in fruity-tooty berry jam, and just a hint of that classic coffee roast we all know and love. As with all our Lagers, this is crisp AF, refreshing, and ultra balanced. We LOVE this, and cannot WAIT for the next Coffee Pils in a few months.

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