Fill Thy Pumpkin Pie Hole – Pumpkin Pie Cake Stout

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Fill Thy Pumpkin Pie Hole
Pumpkin Pie Cake Stout – 8.5%
4PK – 16oz Cans

Is iT AlReAdY PuMpKiN SeAsOn?!?! Yes. It is. We all know you love it.

“Fill Thy Pumpkin Pie Hole” is a Pumpkin Pie Cake Stout brewed with a base of Riverbend Southern Select and a whole bevy of  Proximity Specialty Malts, then dosed with arguably way too much Pumpkin, three kinds of Cinnamon, Allspice, Nutmeg, Maple, Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Cake, and an extra dab of tender hugs for good measure. Big and sweet, but very well balanced, and at 8.5% it’s not gonna totally destroy you.

Cozy up in your sweaters, slap on those UGG boots, give your barista too much attitude about how early in the year you can/cannot order a PSL, schedule a little Fall photo shoot in the pumpkin patch, and get ready… cuz yeah, this tastes like Pumpkin Pie covered in Hot Fudge. But also in Cake form? Idk, fuck it. It’s a vibe. (NO NUTS OR LACTOSE WERE USED IN THIS BEER).

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