The Hustle is Infinite – West Coast IPA

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The Hustle is Infinite
West Coast IPA – 6.4
4PK – 16oz Cans

Oh, what infinite joy! Our newest West Coast IPA “The Hustle is Infinite” is here! We’ve been plugging away at defining what we want the “DSSOLVR” stamp to be on West Coast IPA, and we’re pretty confident that we’ve gotten…close…ish. And with that vote of confidence, we’d like to announce the first regularly-recurring WCIPA to our lineup! Fruity, dank, sticky, dry, and crushable! YEAHHHHH, ALRIGHT!!

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row, Proximity Malt Wheat, a touch of their Crystal malt, and just a kiss of their Dextrin malt. Hit HARD on the hot side with brutal amounts of Columbus and MI Centennial, fermented low and slow with our Pub Ale yeast and spunded for dat natural carb. Dry hopped only once, but heavily with a big ol’ smattering of Meridian, Mosaic, and an extra helping of Centennial Cryo.

Notes of some sorta Fruity Pebble treat with tree sap and Peach jam, candied Blood Orange peels, the parking lot before a Lettuce show, and that first sip of Blind Pig!

It is clear. It is malty. It is Orange. It is bitter. It is dry. It is dank. Hell yeah. Shred that gnar gnar. As always with the “Hustle” series, we tap into an outside artist, and Jade O Lantern totally killed it (as always) with this artwork.

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