Ghosted in the Juicy – DDH Hazy IPA

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Ghosted in the Juicy
DDH Hazy IPA – 7.2%
4PK – 16oz Cans

Who wants to see more weird lil’ naked clones (definitely not babies) of Vince? Oh, just Mike? Well, good news, ‘cuz he makes the labels! And thus, we are delighted to introduce you to “Ghosted in the Juicy”, our newest DDH IPA!

When we were invited to participate in a hop trial by the one-and-only Yakima Chief Hops, we absolutely knew what was up. YCH-303 is a proprietary blend of Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra with the YCH Cryo treatment, but with a SUPER SPECIAL smattering of Phantasm blended in. Phantasm is a super cool product of NZ derived from special White Grape skins that help increase the likelihood of biotransformation during fermentation to create an abundance of Thiols. Did I lose you? Phantasm makes IPA taste super tooty-frooty!

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and a medley of protein malts, hopped with Huell Melon and YCH-303 in the Whirlpool, and fermented with our IPA yeast. Spunded for dat natty carb-o, then dry-hopped with more Huell Melon and YCH-303. THEN it got the real treats: a big ol’ DDH of Azacca and Huell Melon, and the trusty “Born” treatment of Citra and Mosaic, both in Lupomax form. Me-oh-my does this lil’ Cherub sing.

We experience a symphony of Tropical-Citrus vibes akin to a mouthful of Mike and Ikes while funneling Orange Mango juice, using your Angelic wings to float through a thunderstorm of White Wine and Lime Peels, maybe some Hi-Chews, and of course the signature “Born in the Juicy” base IPA character: beautifully plump and super approachable with a firm bitterness to back it up. This is a VERY fun exploration into Phantasm for us, and it certainly won’t be the last! Don’t leave this one on read, y’all. Get it!

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