Put it on a Pedestal – English Mild

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Put it on a Pedestal
English Mild – 4% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans


“Put it on a Pedestal” is our latest foray into one of our favorite styles: Dark English Mild.

Mashed with a grist of Riverbend Southern Select and Proximity Malt Mild Malt for the best, along with a medley of Proximity’s Specialty malts. Hopped on the hot side with UK Challenger and the ever-amazing Fuggles. Fermented with our Pub Ale yeast, spunded for natural carb on Cask, then bumped up to normal-human carbonation for draft and cans.

We experience Bran-Raisin straight outta the box, Brown Bread toast, Black Tea with a spot of Honey, a distinct hard minerality, and an absolutely beautiful balance of all components.

In all seriousness, this is absolutely the best Mild we’ve ever made and we are HYPE on it.

Available next week on 3/30!

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