I Hate You…Always Have – Amber Ale

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I Hate You…Always Have
Amber Ale – 5.1% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

…Hold on a second, let me check my messages…
…ok, nothing new…

“I HATE YOU…ALWAYS HAVE” is the continuation into our exploration of Classic American Ales. We’ve been hitting the West Coast IPA for a minute, we’re forever enamored with Pub Ales, and this seemed to be the next logical step…everyone’s favorite style to hate on. And did we mention it’s a 100% Craft Malt beer? Maybe you’re noticing a trend in this “All Craft Malt” thing…

Mashed with a grist of Riverbend Southern Select and Dark Munich, kissed with a bit of their Sunset Toasted Wheat, and then a smidge of @proximity Crystal and Dextrin malts for good measure. Gently hopped in the Whirlpool with some super choice Michigan Centennial, fermented low and slow with our Pub Ale yeast, and spunded for dat natural carb.

Notes of Caramelized Raisin Bread, freshly roasted Chestnuts (no nuts were used in this beer!), that first time you raided your Dad’s fridge and stole an Amber Ale, perhaps a whisp of sappy goodness, and a super clean finish.

Malty, slightly hoppy, super smooth. Hell yeah. Even though it’s always been cool to “hate” this style, we know how you really feel…

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