Pleasant Murmurs – GF Marshmallow Fruited Sour

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Pleasant Murmurs
GF Sour w/Pineapple, Marshmallow and Vanilla  – 5% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

Oh, yeah! Can you feel the excitement, my fellow flavor warriors? It’s time to step into the ring of taste and witness the return of “Pleasant Murmurs”! You asked for it, and we delivered, with a punch that’ll knock your taste buds to the mat!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, fine-tuning and ramping up the intensity like a championship match! “Pleasant Murmurs” took a wild ride, and has been brought back to life WITHOUT ALL THAT DANG GLUTEN! THAT’S RIGHT! “Pleasant Murmurs” is now a Gluten-free Sour! But that wasn’t enough, no sir or ma’am! We went all-out and slammed it with a crazy load of Pineapple and Marshmallow, hitting you with a flavor frenzy that’ll leave you reeling!

Imagine this, folks: a mountain of XXL soft-serve Vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone, smothered in grilled Pineapple, and drowned in Marshmallow sauce! Sweet mercy, it’s a taste spectacle like no other! Close your eyes, take a swig, and let the magic transport you to a heavenly flavor oasis! 

We’re carving our path in the “GF Sour Smoothie” territory, and with every bout, we’ve honed our skills to deliver a balanced, character-packed experience. This time, we’ve nailed it, and the mouthfeel is smoother than a well-executed wrestling move, with maximum thiccccness that’ll have you cheering for more!

But listen up, my friends, this brew is special! The fruit is unfermented, and we’ve done our darn best to keep it stable. So, show some respect, keep it chilly, and gulp it down fresh for the ultimate taste showdown! Grab a bottle, head to the fridge, and prepare yourself for a flavor adventure that’ll make you a believer in the power of the palate! “Pleasant Murmurs” is back, and it’s ready to rumble, oh yeah!

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