Night of Secrets – Copper Lager (Collab w/ Southern Grist Brewing)

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Night of Secrets (Collab w/ Southern Grist Brewing)
Copper Lager – 4.9%
4PK – 16oz Cans

What do we have here? A Dry-Hopped Bohemian Copper Lager? And it’s a collab with the ever-fabulous Southern Grist?! OH, SNAP! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT EVEN IS!

A few months back, we hosted our buddies from SGB out to whip up a few beers. Keeping in the tradition of past collabs we’ve done, we wanted to work on a Partigyle Barleywine/Lager situation. For the Lager, we were going for something between a Bock and an Amber Lager, and I can safely say we really nailed that goal.

Mashed with a 100% Riverbend Malt grist of Southern Select, Munich, Wheat, and Chit malts. First Runnings all went to a long-boil Barleywine (future projects!). We then took the Second Runnings and hopped it with Tettnanger in the Kettle and Huell Melon in the Whirlpool before fermenting it low and slow with our House Lager yeast and, of course, spunding it for 100% natural carbonation. We then Dry Hopped it with more Huell Melon before laying it down to rest at freezing temps for a couple-a moons in our Horizontal Lagering Tanks.

We experience freshly baked bread wafting from the oven, dried Orange peels that have been sitting on the windowsill, slightly over-steeped English Breakfast Tea, and a bit of creamy Bread Pudding (in, like, just the best way). This is a well-balanced, full-bodied, malt-forward Lager and we love the refreshing air it’s breathing into our Summer and our taplist. Get you some.

PSSSSST….Here’s a secret! We took the First Runnings and made a big ol’ Barleywine that’s now resting in 10yr and 18yr Bourbon Barrels. We’ll be watching over those barrels like a man who uses a mannequin as a security system. Ya know, Jared and Isaac? That’ll be ready by the time you’ve totally forgotten about this Lager we made, so just a super casual 12+ months…

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