My Name is Klen – Hoppy Ale

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My Name is Klen
Hoppy Ale – 5.2% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

“My Name is Klen” is the next Hoppy Ale in a series that we’ve been working toward for some time now. Hoppy Ale is meant to be a signifier for a more approachable, juicy, hazy Pale Ale. We laid down a base of Riverbend 2-Row, Wheat, and a touch of Oats, hopped it with Citra, dry-hopped it with more Citra, and then dry-hopped it again with MORE Citra and a kiss of Galaxy.

For this series, we utilize one main hop and a secondary backup hop, rotating the varietals from release to release. With that being said, the supporting hop will become the main hop in the next release, and a new hop will be folded in. Hopefully it’s making more sense by now!

Notes of sweet Nectarines, snackin’ on a bin of extra ripe Kumquats in the park, Trader Joe’s dried Mango slices, OJ with extra pulp, and just a dash of Sauvignon Blanc Must, all wrapped up with a soft Wheat finish. Crazy amounts of crushable and juicy, while still being balanced and maintaining a refreshingly crisp finish. Get you some.

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