Marvelous Beyond Reason – Fruited Gose

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Marvelous Beyond Reason
Fruited Gose – 5.8%
4PK – 16oz Cans


Please welcome back…our inaugural Fruited Gose…the one that started it all…”MARVELOUS BEYOND REASON”!!!!!!

We started with a simple grist of @riverbendmalt 2-Row, a touch of @proximitymalt Wheat, and some Flaked Oats, along with a complex blend of Sea Salts and Coriander. We then conditioned it on a quarrelsome amount of Peach and Blackberry, giving it a truly exemplary rounded finish.

Notes include overripe berry compote, that first juicy Peach of the season, lunchboxes overfilled with fruit rolls, and just a hint of fresh-ground Coriander. All wrapped up in a pleasing balance of acidity and slight salinity on the finish. Oh, hell yeah, DAWG!

We’ve bumped the Peach up a little bit each time around, so we bumped up it up even more this time. Once again, we genuinely feel like it’s better than it ever has been. Do with that what you will.

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