Madness Begins – Beaujolais-style Natural Red Wine

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Madness Begins
Beaujolais-style Natural Red Wine – 12.1% ABV
1 Bottle – 750 mL 

It’s our real anniversary on 12/13, and while we aren’t celebrating til 1/13 (cuz Friday the 13th and all that), we really wanted to drop a special treat to help celebrate.

We’ve been making Natural Wine for some time now, and “Madness Begins” marks the first release of our 2022 Harvest. It’s a truly beautiful example of a Beaujolais-style Red Wine, and we friggin’ love it. We took the freshly-harvested whole Cabernet Franc grape clusters and put them into a purged stainless-steel tank to undergo a lengthy Carbonic Maceration for 4 Weeks. We then crushed and destemmed those clusters, put them back into the stainless-steel tank, and blended in a touch of Foeder Fermented Field Blend from our previous harvests of 2022 ( consisting of a blend of Pinot Gris, Skin-Contact Pinot Gris, Traminette, and a touch of clean Cab Franc). We then allowed this blend to ferment on the Cab Franc skins for 4 more weeks before allowing it to mellow for one week prior to packaging, but never added any additional yeast or sugar. Natty wine all the way, baby!

We experience deep and dark tannins, Raspberry fruit leather, a bright and light body, super crushable White Cherry, some Pomegranate-esque acidity, and a fruity pebbles kick. This really reminds us of an Etna Italian Red with slightly less minerality and a touch more acidity. What a fun, light, and exciting expression of Cab Franc!
As always with our Natural Wine, all of our Grapes are sourced 100% Organic and 100% NC-Grown, thanks to our friends and ultimate sweethearts Pleb Winery. We couldn’t be more grateful for their help, guidance, support, and belief in our weird little Winery vision.

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