Lost – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wild Foeder Cider

$10.00 USD

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wild Foeder Cider – 7% ABV
1 Bottle – 1 PINT 9 FL OZ 

We’re pleased to announce our latest Wild Foeder Cider release, “LOST”, aged in Bourbon barrels that previously held “Most Likely Aliens”, our Mexican Chocolate Imperial Stout. Our Wild Foeder-fermented Cider stock is comprised of a blend of 100% Organic NC-grown Apples, and is never dosed with any additional yeast or sugar of any kind. We allowed it to ferment on it’s own in a Foeder for roughly a year before putting it into barrels, and kept a Solera-style system rolling through that Foeder for a few years before surrendering it to our Wine program. This isn’t the last Foeder Cider, but it’s getting close to the end of that initial stock! And that’s so exciting for us!

When we first opened DSSOLVR, one of the first beers we brewed was “Most Likely Aliens”, and we ended up putting some of that beer into Bourbon barrels. After the first two years of aging, we pulled the beer out of barrels and released it. BUT rather than getting rid of the barrels, we racked some mature Foeder-fermented Wild Cider into them and let that condition for another year. We then bottled up that Barrel-aged Wild Foeder Cider and allowed it to condition in the bottle for yet another year. And thus, “LOST” was born nearly four years ago!

We experience biting right into a bright and crisp Macintosh while someone is eating Chiles Rellenos nearby, some slices of Granny Smith dipped in an extra-Bourbon-y Hot Toddy in the afternoon, fresh Chocolate-drizzled Apple Streudel Cupcakes, a wonderfully balanced Oak-tannin roundness, and a truly beautiful zippy acidity. All the Poblano and Spice character comes from the beer that previously existed in the barrels, which is pretty rad to see the spirit of that still coming through.

This is a Winter/Holiday crusher, and made with extra love to commemorate the re-release of one of our favorite Stouts. What a treat! In case you were wondering, this pairs incredibly well with the fresh release of “Most Likely Aliens”. Just sayin’…

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