Lime Divvy – Mexican-Style Lime Lager

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Lime Divvy
Mexican-Style Lime Lager – 4.9% ABV

4PK – 16oz Cans

What’s that, you say? You can’t go 5 minutes without shutting up about this heat? Same here, honestly, but we do have something to help divvy up your time and quench that heat-driven thirst! “Lime Divvy” is our newest Lager concoction, a Mexican-Style Lager with Lime! OOOOOOOOH, YESSSSSS!

Mashed with a beautiful medley of Riverbend Malts: Cumberland Pils, Vienna, Cumberland Corn, and Bloody Butcher Corn. Hit ever-so-gently with some extra-choice Huell Melon hops, and kissed even MORE gently with some hand-processed Lime Peels and Lime Juice. Fermented low and slow with our trusty Lager yeast. Spunded for dat super sexy natural carb. This really turned out EXTRA CHIPPY, for all our lil’ Chippy Boi™ aficionados out there. WHERE YOU AT?! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CHIPPY?!

We experience poolside sips with our sweetest lil’ buds, a bit of Daiquiri on the lips, just the faintest wisp of Corn on the nose, and a truly lovely crisp and balanced finish. Out of all the weird Citrus-riffed-out beers we’ve done, this is by far our favorite in a long, long time. We hope you agree. Or don’t. We’re releasing it, so you go ahead and divvy up your lil’ untappd caps and let us know how you feel where it counts: the internet.

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