In the Cut with Gunther – English Mild

$14.00 USD

In the Cut with Gunther
English Mild – 4.2% ABV
4PK – 16oz Cans

Here we are, just kickin’ it back in the Cut with our pal Gunther the Skeleton. We’ve hung out here before, and you bet we’ll do it again. It’s the perfect spot to chill with our top pick of brew, you know the one and only ENGLISH F*CKING MILD!

Mashed with @riverbend Southern Select and Munich, alongside a hefty dose of @proximitymalt Pale Chocolate and Roasted Crystal. Dosed heavily in the Whirlpool with Target and Challenger for just a touch more bitterness than we’re used to. Fermented with our beloved Pub Ale yeast. Spunded for natural carbonation (on cask, but the cans are at full carbonation). AVAILABLE NOW!

We experience toasted Brown Bread, a mouthful of English Tea Biscuits with a killer cup of Black Tea in a dew-covered field, Citrus wedges dipped in Hot Cocoa, and a crushable balance of all components. More citrus-forward and a bit more bitter than a traditional Mild, but we find it to be much more drinkable! Kinda like a cross between a Mild and an ESB. It’s rad.

It’s an English Mild! And it’s on Cask! We put our cool Gunther on the label, cause it’s cool and you’re cool, too. Kiss kiss, love love, mild mild.

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