Digital Genie – Maibock (Collab w/ Elsewhere Brewing)

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Digital Genie (Collab w/ Elsewhere Brewing)
Maibock – 6.9%

4PK – 16oz Cans

“Digital Genie” is our take on a Maibock, whipped up in collaboration with our buds Elsewhere Brewing and it’s prettyyyy prettyyyy good! We’ve long been fans of Maibock, but had yet to dip our toes into that style. When we spoke with the Elsewhere crew and realized they, too, were longtime admirers of the style, our fates were sealed. Obviously, we had to put our own spin on things, but the results are wish-fulfilling for sure.

Mashed with an OVERLY complicated grist of 100% Riverbend  malt (Pilsner, Naked Oats, Hulled Oats, Vienna, Light Munich, Dark Munich, Chit Malt, and their new Sunset Toasted Wheat). Hopped lightly with Saaz and Huell Melon. Fermented low and slow, spunded for dat natural carb, and Lagered for many moons in a Horizontal Tank.

We experience just the bottoms of baked Honey Biscuits, sundried Orange peels with a light Caramel Fig drizzle, fields of Hay, that first bite of crisp Springtime air, and finding a magic lamp inside a video game and making a digital wish.

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